This is a "Life-of-the-Dog" commitment...
Preparing for your Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy
Love Your Ridgeback

"So you want a Ridgeback Puppy, do you?"

Have patience and take the time to make a responsible choice.

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Love Your Ridgeback

Your Ridgeback needs your companionship...

Remember: Friendship is a two-way street. Ridgebacks are a most intelligent dog and they thrive on lots of love and attention. They typically want to please their owners and absolutely love do everything you want to do. They wake up each day and want to know "What are we going to do today?"
Canines are emotional beings and it is extremely cruel and abusive treatment to neglect them by banishing them to a lonely life in the back yard or in a dog run and please don't ever think about a chain. Just like human children, these dogs need to have your daily love, attention, friendship and instructions to help them develop and learn about the world around them, establish proper behaviors and become that well rounded Ridgeback that is a pleasure to be around.
That isn't saying you can not and should not leave your Ridgeback Puppy alone for periods of time. By all means, a Ridgeback should have time alone. They need to know that you are not always there with them and they can hang out by themselves and keep themselves occupied with their own toys, bones, activities and be happy by themselves at times. You can do this by allowing them to have alone time periodically. When they learn to enjoy their own company, you can avoid any separation anxiety.
Love Your Ridgeback

Protect a Ridgeback?

A fenced yard is very important for your dog's safety and health. Any dog who is allowed to roam away from home is in danger being hit by a car, becoming lost, being stolen, learning bad habits from other dogs, chasing neighbors livestock, getting into trash cans, or even being poisoned. You certainly don't want your dog to run away or get lost or develop any of these nasty habits, or get hit by a car and killed.
Your Ridgeback must have adequate space and safe shelter if he or she is outdoors while you are away. Shelters must be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And, of course, when he or she leaves the yard you'll need a leash.
Love Your Ridgeback

Permanent Identification?
Dog ID Tags?

It is best to have your dog microchiped and registered with a National Pet Recovery Database. This way if he or she were to ever become lost or stolen, veterinarians, animal shelters, humane societies, pet hospitals, zoos, international quarantine stations, and any where that a pet could possibly show up as lost will be able to read the microchip, contact the National Pet Recovery Database, and you will then be contacted and told that your loved one has been found. This allows you to have the highest odds of locating your dog.
We feel the EuroChip Microchips are extremely important but do not replace the need for a collar that has an old fashioned dog ID tag with your current phone number on it, and a rabies tag. It seems a bit redundant to continue to wear the dog ID tag when your dog is microchipped, but a collar with these tags is still a very good means to recovering your precious pet. Many people will call the phone number on the dog's ID tag first to see if they can locate the dog's owner, so be sure to have a current phone number on the dog ID tag.
Love Your Ridgeback
"Companionship and Friends"
We love our dogs and do everything in our power to keep them happy, be the healthiest possible, live their ultimate, longest life span, and keep their immune systems totally strengthened. To do this: we use superior, all natural, tried and proven vitamins! Because it is somewhat difficult to know the food you are feeding your loved one is a complete, balanced and healthy diet for each individual puppy and dog, we highly recommend supplementing your canine friend with the same superior, all natural, human-grade vitamins that we use. These have been formulated by a team of concerned veterinarians, physicians, pharmacists and nutritional scientists and are manufactured in an FDA human-grade facility. We feed these superior vitamins for the love, health and longevity of our precious friends! They will soon become your beloved dog's favorite daily treat.
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Is the Ridgeback a Designer Dog?

You bet they are! In fact, some Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies are "Amazing Shoe Designers". All you have to do is leave your shoes out for them to play with, or better yet, give them an old shoe to gnaw on and they'll be forever grateful for the tip that some shoes are delicious.
Love Your Ridgeback
Someone said that this style can be done for you while you wait or are in the shower.
Love Your Ridgeback

I heard Ridgebacks do tricks...

Many of them...They love hat tricks and any other special little item you would like to allow them to participate in. After all, they only do the tricks you help them do...
Love Your Ridgeback

Can I leave my Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy alone all day in the yard?

Is there anything back there you want to keep in one piece?
Love Your Ridgeback

Are Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy's teeth sharp?

They are sharp enough to revamp your furniture in no time at all.
Love Your Ridgeback

Do Ridgeback Puppies like TV?

Sure they do, just give 'em a chance. They'll turn it on and enjoy it.
Love Your Ridgeback
Love Your Ridgeback