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Handsome Liver Nose Rhodesian Ridgeback

Handsome Liver Nose Male Available NOW!

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Love Your Ridgeback

ApacheRidge Ranch is situated on 42 acres in the beautiful, green state of Washington: well known for it's wonderful, rainy, climate and lots of apples. ApacheRidge is the home of healthy, hardy and happy hound dogs and we have a lifetime commitment to every single Rhodesian Ridgeback. Our dogs are first and foremost our family pets and are loving members of our family. When we breed our dogs, we hand raise our puppies in our home with our children so that each one will be a wonderful joy to their new owners. All our ridgebacks have great mental stability, easy going temperaments, perfect conformation, and are obedience dogs, tracking dogs or just couch potatoes. We believe in quality before quantity and only breed to add valuable genes to the breed, with the result of puppies who are not only an asset to future Ridgeback generations, but are true representatives of the breed standards and the absolute ultimate family companion. To achieve this combination is our main concern and typically that means long distances to the male and always years of planning. We hope you enjoy looking at our dogs as much as we enjoy having them in our lives.

All of our puppies come with a Lifetime Commitment and Lifetime Support. Training your Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy and attending puppy and obedience classes are a must. If for any reason you are unable to care for or keep your Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy or dog at any time or point in their lives, we require that you contact us and we will take them back. We will keep them, re-train them, re-home them, whatever it takes to keep them safe, healthy, happy, and know that they are loved.

If you are interested in one of our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies, you can visit our puppy page here.

Feel free to call 360-878.4272 or email: with any questions you may have about this truly loving and remarkable breed.

Seattle Ridgebacks Rule!   Rhodesian Ridgebacks are AWESOME!

Seattle Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Happy Washington Ridgebacks

Seattle Rhodesian Ridgebacks at ApacheRidge Ranch

Seattle Washington WA Rhodesian Ridgebacks have fun!

Washington Ridgebacks in Vancouver, San Juan, Bellingham, Spokane, Everette, Snohomish, Leavenworth

Seattle WA Rhodesian Ridgebacks love the water and hiking in Washington and Oregon.

Pretty Girl Kimchee on a Ridgeback Hunt!
Pretty Girl Kimchee The ApacheRidge Ranch Rhodesian Ridgeback on the hunt before an afternoon of hiking in Washington State.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are extremely adaptable in most situations. To more fully understand the Ridgeback breed, one must look at their ancestry. Originally the Rhodesian Ridgeback was created by the hunters of South Africa. Some would say they were genetically assembled by mankind. Regardless, there have been many great dogs who have contributed, and many more who will continue to contribute, to the history of the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Although the breed was recognized by the AKC in November of 1955, it took a while for the first Ridgeback to earn an AKC Championship title. The youngest Ridgeback ever to finish his Championship was a Lamarde Perro Ridgeback, who did so at 6 months and 7 days of age! The first Ridgeback to finish his Championship in 3 times shown, making him the recipient of the Dog World Award of Distinction, was Ch. Taswira Gari of Pumamere. This Ridgeback boy was the youngest ever to receive a Best of Winners award for a full 5 points on his 6-month birthday!

It is so important for Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders to keep producing broadly based Ridgebacks which do not take a specific extreme trait direction only. This is why the word "moderate" appears so frequently in the Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Standard. Here is a link to a wonderful illustrated Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Standard:

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Hound Dog is known as an all-purpose hound whose hallmark of this most stunning breed is that gorgeous ridge, or stripe of backward-growing hair running down his or her back. Though the breed became famous in its native South African country for its tremendous expertise at tracking, hunting, and holding the lions at bay, today Ridgebacks are beloved and cherished family members whose owners enjoy lots of fun activity and happy socialization with them.
Those Rhodesian Ridgebacks Love to Play!
Washington Ridgebacks Playing
Winter with ApacheRidge Ranch Rhodesian Ridgebacks...
Winter at ApacheRidge ranch

Obedience training can demonstrate a Ridgeback's willingness, capabilities and enjoyment of working very closely with its human and the pair can establish a close working relationship and socially fun environment. Obedience skills demonstrate the usefulness and enthusiasm of all dogs. We believe that all Rhodesian Ridgebacks in addition to all dogs in general, need lots of successful obedience lessons and classes. This training, as well all proper hound dog training, takes many hours of training and is a most definitely rewarding experience for all family members including your Ridgeback.

For more information on obedience competition, check out the AKC's website.

A properly trained and cared for Ridgeback become a faithful family dog whose life will be devoted to your care and protection. The very young Rhodesian Ridgeback can be very inquisitive, exuberant, boisterous and definitely fun loving. They are also a very intelligent breed of dog and learn quite fast. They will grow into a large dog and are considered a large breed, so training should always be given a top priority with your Ridgeback sweetheart. It is a good idea to begin to teach your Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy lessons of basic obedience as early as 7 weeks. Lessons learned at the very young age are seldom forgotten.

Your Ridgeback will not stay that small puppy-sized little pooch for very long; at 6 months they will already be big enough to knock over a primary school child by accident. Even that big, happily swinging tail can unintentionally smack a two year old in the face, which is not the most exciting experience for the child. One should exercise great care with children and young Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies, and never leave them unattended for even short periods of time. Given the right amount of supervision, care, attention, training, and education to both Ridgeback puppies and human children, the two can form a most happy and forever loving relationship based on mutual respect for one another.

Archer says he's Ready for a Ridgeback Run!
Archer The Ridgeback at ApacheRidge Ranch
You Ridgebacks are Way Too Comfortable! Let's go for a hike...
Ridgebacks relaxing and ready to go on a hike!

Rhodesian Ridgebacks have a short coat and are pretty much odor free, but they do shed some in spring and autumn. Many Ridgebacks can keep their nails trimmed by regular paved-road running and walking, but some of these guys do the regular, paved-road running and walking and still need their nails trimmed or dremeled or both. Most of our Ridgebacks are not picky eaters, but care must be taken not to over-feed them. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are generally considered 'Food-Driven', so free feeding usually does not work and is not advised for many reasons. The 2 best reasons being: they could become unhealthily over weight, and the other being that you loose your meaningful meal-time training advantage. Ridgebacks have a plethora of uncanny and unique abilities – one rather exceptional performance is that they can be master ‘counter surfers’, so training early to avoid this sport of finding unclaimed food on your kitchen counters in an important part of raising your new Ridgeback buddy!

All Ridgebacks first and foremost, should live as a dignified companion and be a part of your family activities, as they are very much ‘people-dogs’. This does mean that your living-room sofa or your bed is territory waiting for your Rhodesian Ridgeback to claim and can become their favorite place, so decide early if this an acceptable behavior and train your ridgeback puppy accordingly at a very early age. Ridgebacks are easy to house train as long as you stick with them and have consistency. At about 3 years old, or as adults, they can have a free run of the house without any problems. After we have been gone for a while, when we return home, our Ridgebacks are typically laying in the same spot on their beds in the living-room as they were when we left. We believe they hold the world's record for laying around and sleeping the longest by woodstoves, heater vents and fire places.

There is no doubt in our minds that the ownership of a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy can be a challenge, but as he or she grows, is properly trained and loved, this Ridgeback puppy or dog will unquestionably bring an extra dimension of joy into your life and at some point can become that dynamic dog of your dreams. Let's face it, Ridgebacks are as cool as it gets...

Apache Ridge Ranch Ridgebacks Running and Having Fun!
Winter at ApacheRidge ranch with Rhodesian Ridgebacks